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Unsolved Solved Discussion. Explain Recommend Resource. Use these super helpful commands in your comments as the OP to mark a post as ‘Solved’ or ‘Explained’ once you get the answer to your question. Why was considered one of the worst years in kpop? I’m only got into kpop seriously in and everywhere I went someone was saying, ”yeah well nothing is as bad as ”. I did like some releases and did have its cringeworthy songs – what am I missing? There were a lot of lawsuits, group members leaving, and deaths in , along with other scandals.

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K-Pop idols are popular worldwide and always busy with their own schedules in South Korea as well as overseas. As human beings, they also want to feel love from the opposite gender without worrying about their race or ethnicity etc. While some of the idols confirm that they are dating or married, some of them are secretly in relationships. Most of the foreign partner that K-Pop Idols date are also from entertainment industries. Here are 15 K-Pop Idols who dating foreigners.

Both of them speak in English with a mix of each others language in daily conversation.

A List of Anniversaries for current KPop Groups by the month. [CUBE Entertainment]; 20 – JJCC/Jackie Chan Joint Cultures (). [Jackie [NARDA Entertainment] — KpG Note: also listed as debut date is 15 April

This is a List of South Korean idol groups that debuted in the s. See also the list of groups that debuted in the s and the s. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved November 27, Retrieved 22 January Categories :. Cancel Save. The Boss. Girl’s Day. Nine Muses. GP Basic.

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This decade set the stage for K-pop to make its mark on the larger world. Over the past 10 years, the South Korean music industry has embedded itself deeper into the American consciousness. Now, the floodgates have opened, and K-pop keeps getting bigger. While the Korean industry gets pegged for its transformative approach to Western styles, it also happens to be a site of tremendous innovation.

This is a List of South Korean idol groups that debuted in the s. See also the Sub-Units, Japan Debut Date, Disbanded, Notes In June , the group changed to having 15 members, but still holds the record for largest kpop group.

This means that a number K-pop idols who are born in and have to conscript by the end of Ready to say goodbye to these boys? Kicking off the list is none other than the visual king himself — Jin real name Kim Seokjin! In this case, Jin is likely to become the first member to go since he is the eldest. Nothing has been confirmed for now. Be prepared with a box of tissues as 4 boys of the K-pop mega group are set leave to fulfil their military enlistment.

Fellow members Xiumin and D. O have already enlisted back in This will leave the mega group with only 2 active Korean members — Sehun and Kai. Interestingly, both of them were born in the year of the dog On the other hand, Chinese member Lay Zhang has been on a roll with his solo activities in his homeland. In addition, fellow member Hoony who was born in is also expected to enlist sometime this year.

Originally debuted as a quintet, former member Nam Taehyun made his exit back in

11 Most Shocking K-Pop Dating Scandals That Shook the Industry

This unexpected relationship gained a lot of attention due to the year age gap between the two Korean celebrities. Unfortunately, the long distance was finally too far for the couple and they broke up in October The pair shared a gap of 17 years between their birthdays. These two celebrities also shared an age difference of 13 years and drifted apart due to busy work schedules.

The following is a list of notable events and releases that happened in in music in South Debuting groups[edit]. Further information: List of South Korean idol groups (s) § Date, Title, Artist, Genre(s). 02, Unveiling, MC the.

Subscriber Account active since. While much of the music industry has been in a decline, K-pop continues to thrive. This year, according to estimates, the audience for “Hallyu,” or Korean pop culture, will reach million — or roughly double the population of South Korea. In North America, the industry has exploded in popularity and profitability, and American pop darlings and their labels have taken note: In , Lizzo and Lil Nas X teamed up with K-pop superstars for remixes to their songs “Truth Hurts” and “Old Town Road,” respectively.

Ever in the spotlight, K-pop stars have been subjected to increasing pressure and scrutiny as the industry angles to become dominant on the global stage. The industry and fans alike expect them to have a polished public image. Though the vast majority of K-pop artists maintain sterling reputations, the pressure of performance and image-maintenance can be too much to bear. The genre has been witness to a number of deaths by suicide in recent years , and scandals regularly emerge.

If K-pop artists are illuminated by the limelight, they are also never far from the industry’s dark underbelly. From corruption and sexual violence to alleged drug trafficking, here are the most shocking K-pop incidents of the last several years. In , six “entertainment soldiers,” or Korean military conscripts who are also artists, were spotted going into a massage parlor that some said was actually a brothel. Among the artists were star K-pop artists Rain and Se7en.

The men publicly denied taking part in any illicit activities and claimed they went to the massage parlor to treat knee pain, according to Character Media.

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The K-pop Hot is a music singles chart in South Korea. It was launched in conjunction with Billboard and Billboard Korea on August 25, , and is based on digital sales via leading websites as well as downloads from mobile service sites using an industry-standard formula and the most credible music data sources within South Korea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Idols date in secret because public relationships are bad for business. offered one of the most unique dating scandals to ever hit K-pop.

The majority of South Koreans Play Sporcle’s virtual live trivia to have fun, connect with people, and get your trivia on. Park Bo Gum 3. She is now still single. Me personally i wont really believe it unless they say it themselves? But i’m just Also, you will need to consider if your own religion will allow you to become a kpop idol. Of course it wasn’t their fault that the religious organization that they were affiliated with turned out to be cults.

So excuse me. Buying used is the absolute cheapest way you can get a K-pop album. However, your album may not include all the extras photocards, posters, etc and may be slightly worn or damaged.

16 idol groups that have defeated the ‘7 Year Curse’

Celebrity worship—is it more than just being a casual fan? To explore this question, a number of scales have been developed to assess celebrity adulation. The most prevalent scale of this type in the literature is the Celebrity Attitudes Scale. Using these types of scales, investigators have examined various college-student and community samples.

The K-pop Hot is a music singles chart in South Korea. [1] The chart was discontinued beginning with the July 16, issue date and was re-established with the issue dated May 29 – June 4, September 1, , “Idol”, BTS, 3.

A Korean news website had reported that they had been going on secret dates and claimed the two idols had been dating for months. The news, however, came as a big surprise to everybody. While many fans congratulated the couple, many others were upset by the news and accused them of ignoring their fans and fellow members. In fact, the backlash was so severe that some people even started a petition to have Baekhyun removed from EXO!

The apologies put out the flames and soon after the petition was taken down with fans fully supporting the relationship. The two dated for 1 year and 4 months before breaking up in Close friends of the couple reported that the two had broken up and gotten back together again multiple times. Although they ultimately decided to part ways in , they still remain as good friends and label mates. Although the two had been spotted together multiple times before because they had been close since their trainee days, in rumors started to fly that they had been spotted on multiple dates together.

And shortly afterward, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the news.

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